2023/24 Winter Market

Glens Falls Farmers Market: Seasonal Transition Ahead!

As the leaves begin to change and we start to feel the crisp chill of autumn, the Glens Falls Farmers Market is preparing for its seasonal shift. Each year, our community looks forward to this transition, not just as a mark of changing seasons, but as a continuation of the tradition of local shopping, community engagement, and supporting our farmers and artisans.

The Last Summer Hoorah

Mark your calendars! The last outdoor market for this season on South Street will be held on Saturday, October 28th, 2023. This day will be a culmination of the vibrant summer season, with farmers and vendors showcasing the last of the autumn harvest. Expect pumpkins, apples, hearty greens, and perhaps a few early winter squashes. It’s also the perfect time to stock up on any summer favorites, from jams and jellies to handcrafted goods.

Welcoming the Winter Market

Just one week after our summer market farewell, we’ll be moving to our cozy winter location. Starting Saturday, November 4th, 2023, the Glens Falls Farmers Market will be hosted indoors at the Aviation Mall’s food court. Located at 578 Aviation Rd, Queensbury, NY 12804, the food court offers a spacious and warm environment for our vendors and patrons.

Transitioning to the Aviation Mall allows us to continue providing the community with fresh produce, artisan crafts, and specialty products throughout the colder months. Not only does it ensure that the community can access local products year-round, but it also supports our local farmers and craftsmen during a typically slower season.

What to Expect

The winter market, while a bit different from our outdoor summer setting, boasts its own unique charm. Here’s what you can anticipate:

  1. Fresh Produce: Many farmers offer cold-weather crops like kale, Brussels sprouts, and root vegetables. Additionally, stored produce like onions, potatoes, and apples will be available.
  2. Specialty Items: From freshly baked bread to pickled goodies, the winter market is an opportunity for vendors to showcase their preserved and artisan products.
  3. Crafts and Gifts: As we approach the holiday season, our winter market will be a treasure trove of handcrafted gifts, from candles and soaps to knitwear and jewelry.
  4. Community Vibes: One of the hallmarks of the Glens Falls Farmers Market is the sense of community. The indoor setting offers a chance for patrons to linger, chat, and enjoy a warm beverage while shopping.

Join Us in the Transition

Whether you’re a regular at our summer market or new to the Glens Falls Farmers Market experience, we invite you to join us in this seasonal transition. Embrace the change, support local, and immerse yourself in the rich offerings of our community.

See you at the market!



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Connect with your community and support the local economy at the Glens Falls Farmers' Market. Our market is a hub for local artisans and farmers who bring you the finest local products, from handmade crafts to gourmet coffee. Discover the local treasures that make our community unique.

Connect with your community and support the local economy at the Glens Falls Farmers' Market. Our market is a hub for local artisans and farmers who bring you the finest local products, from handmade crafts to gourmet coffee. Discover the local treasures that make our community unique.
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